Our August #LoveNorfolkCounty Winners!!!

In First Place is @Mariabushev, with a photo of herself and her children enjoying an ice cream at Stall 8, which is located on the Norwich Market. Maria will receive 6 FREE 500ml Luxury Take Home Tubs - Congratulations!

August 1st place.jpg

In Second Place is Lisa and a “happy girl” smiling outside our new artisan cone on Stall 8, Norwich Market. Lisa will receive 4 FREE 500ml Luxury Take Home Tubs!!!

August 2nd place.jpg

In Third Place, is Elsie and her Grandson @chef_nick_green outside Stall 8, Norwich. Elsie worked on our stall on the Norwich Market for over 32 years selling Aldous Ice Cream. Christmas Aldous (the founder of the Aldous range) was Elsie’s brother in law. Elsie is known to enjoy an Aldous Vanilla Ice Cream from our Stall. In Third Place, Elsie will be gifted 2 FREE 500ml Norfolk County Tubs.

August 3rd place.jpg