35 Gold Great Taste Awards!!!!

We have scooped 3 more Gold Great Taste Awards this year bringing their total to 35 Golds!!!!!!

We have won Gold for our Norfolk County French Vanilla; Chocolate Choc Chip; and Apricot & Brandy.

Chris Coughlan, Owner/Managing Director said “we are really pleased as we have now won Gold 3 years running for our French Vanilla Ice Cream, testament to the excellent quality we strive to maintain.”

The Apricot & Brandy is a special Christmas flavour made with Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac and will be on sale last October ready for the festive season. The French Vanilla and Chocolate Choc Chip are all year round flavours and can be tasted at Stall 8, Norwich Market which has been selling the company’s ice cream since the 1930’s.