Pancake Day 2017

Just thought we'd give you a few pointers as to how to create the Perfect Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday with this recipe for perfect pancakes. This will make plenty

2 eggs

230g of flour

1 pint of milk

Pinch of salt

Knob of Butter

Caster Sugar


Making a decent batter is the key thing here. Whisk the eggs and flour together to form a paste then keep whisking as you add the milk. Pour until it achieves a consistency very slightly thicker than cream. Run the liquid through sieve to remove any lumps.

Heat a frying pan over a low to medium flame and melt the butter when it's melted pour this into the batter mix and stir.

Now  melt a very small amount of butter in the pan before pouring  a little of the batter into the pan. Although the pan should be hot make sure not to burn the butter! Swirl the mixture around so that it coats the frying pan.  Be mindful as to how much batter you’re pouring, otherwise you'll make too thick a pancake. 

Cook the pancake for around 2-3 mins or until golden keeping the heat at medium, then flip with a fish slice! or if you are feeling adventurous toss one turn over. Cook for a further couple of mins on the medium heat and check to see it's golden underneath before plating up.

You can of course make all the pancakes in advance, but the joy of it is doing it with an audience at hand so they can enjoy the whole process and get the pancakes one at a time. However, if you want to serve them all at once -  stack them on a plate with pieces of greaseproof paper in between and keep warm in a low oven or gently reheat in a pan when you’re ready to serve. 

Squeeze over the lemons and a little sugar...then reach in the freezer for some of out Norfolk County Fresh Cream Vanilla Ice Cream to serve alongside.

Simplicity at it's best.