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Some of the UK's Finest Fresh Cream Ice Cream Handmade in Norwich, Norfolk


We've been making ice cream in Norwich since 1921 and supply many local retail and catering outlets in East Anglia and London.

Our Norfolk County Gold Award winning Ice Cream is made in the traditional batch method using fresh cream, egg yolks, sugar and an array of delicious flavours.

Our Aldous Traditional Ice Cream has been made in exactly the same way for 90 years using fresh cream milk and tastes exactly as your grandma would remember it.

Eileen's Ice Cream is our range of flavours suitable for Diabetics.

You can see how we make our ice cream in this short video.



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2 Trafalgar Street
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Norfolk County Dairy Ice Cream we describe as 'The Connoisseurs Choice'. It's exceptionally high cream content and traditional batch method of production produces an exceptionally smooth and decadent ice cream. We are proud that it's won over 120 Awards including 27 Gold's at The Great Taste Awards. We're continually refining it and that's why in 2015 our French Vanilla received another Gold Award. It has been stocked by Harrod's and comes in the 27 flavours listed below.

Our Norfolk County Fresh Cream Ice Cream is available in 500ml take home tubs and also in 130ml individual pots as well as 4lt and 4.5Lt Napoli's for the catering trade.

It has an exceptionally high cream content compared to most ice creams and is made using a traditional batch process which ensures it retains and exceptional quality.

If you are a caterer working on a menu call us for help with recipe flavour combinations.





Aldous Traditional is produced using more or less the same recipe as it was in 1921. It's Ice Cream like your Grandma used to love.

Recognised throughout East Anglia as a heritage brand, it was established on Norwich Open Air Market where each Saturday up to 3000 ice creams in simply Vanilla or Strawberry were sold.

Today we supply tubs to the Retail and Catering Industry where it's Retro taste is enjoyed by all



Eileen's Diabetic Ice Cream

Eileen's Diabetic ice Cream has a reduced fat formula and uses fructose instead of sucrose, and is available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. It has been specially formulated by Dr James Rothwell, Chief Consultant to the Ice Cream Alliance and previously Head of Dairy Department at Reading University.

If you can't buy our ice cream in a retail establishment near you such as Waitrose and Co-op you can also visit our factory shop.

2 Trafalgar Street,



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Mon - Fri 8am-4.30pm

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